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How do we help organizations?

Our methodology enables organizations to hire the right fit, discover hidden talent, retain & inspire known talent, build high-performing teams and accelerate productivity. In addition to our PI® expertise, we offer a wide variety of consultative services.

Recruiting - Through PI® training, attendees learn to define what is needed in target positions and to develop ads specifically designed to attract those styles.

Hiring - Utilizing PI® as an employee selection method helps reduce costly turnover by looking at two issues: what it takes to do the job and what strengths and challenges your applicants are likely to exhibit. By completing the PI Job Assessment, your stakeholders actively define the job requirements as they exist within your specific job environment. Applicants then complete the PI Behavioral Assessment to reveal their natural strengths, weaknesses, needs, and motivations. Decision-makers compare the results of both tools to evaluate how closely the applicant matches the position; if they can be developed to fit, or if they do not match at all. By identifying the applicant who best and most naturally fits the job (this person is not always the best interviewee), organizations can drastically reduce their turnover rates.

Onboarding - Once a hiring decision is made, PI guides managers regarding the new hire's decision-making, communication, and action-taking styles. Brief reports and work-aids are included to give managers instant tips that will help them build effective relationships with their direct reports.

Team Building - PI® helps managers build better and more cohesive teams through an objective understanding of each member's strengths and caution areas.

Training Assessment - PI® provides insights into each employee’s unique learning style so training can be tailored to meet each person’s specific needs.

Productivity - PI® arms managers with information about the way people work and helps them maximize productivity by better leveraging the strengths of their team members.

Leadership/Management - To be an effective leader it is essential that a clear vision is articulated and others are inspired. The Predictive Index® aids organizations in identifying and developing leaders, understanding and enhancing leadership styles, and improving communication. Managers are better equipped with the insight they need to communicate with employees and get results.

Retention - PI® helps managers develop individual motivational strategies for each employee. The System also helps identify and address morale issues before a valuable employee leaves the company.

Career-Pathing - The “Peter Principal” has continued to ring true over the years. Many people rise to or are promoted beyond their own level of competence. In layman’s terms they “get in over their heads.” The Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment shows why certain individuals excel as individual contributors but experience challenges when managing and directing. Predictive Index® identifies the strengths and weaknesses of internal candidates and enables you to plan strategically for succession. 

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