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Strategic Planning Process

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Succession Planning-Road to Sustainable Leadership 

Organizations today realize the importance of identifying and developing their future leaders. This practice, which should be done on an on-going basis and at all levels of the organization, provides the foundation for effective succession planning.

History has shown that leaders that are groomed from within the organization tend to perform better and stay longer. How do you build succession planning into your company’s long term strategy?

First determine the organization’s future leadership needs and then identify key individuals within the organization who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and values. Next, you’ll want to look at behavioral strengths. That’s where The Predictive Index® can help.

Strategic Planning will help key decision-makers begin planning for succession and the future. You will work to develop a business plan that examines where your organization is, where you want to go, and the strategic planning process and steps necessary to get there.


  • The Strategic Planning process is designed to:
  • Clarify the direction of the organization
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on what the organization should do to improve its performance & begin planning for succession
  • Develop a specific plan of action based on the organization’s strengths and assign specific accountabilities for implementation

Length:    1-3 Days
Price:   Variable


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