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PI Refresher

Purpose: To sharpen the technical skills of PI User/Practicioners and expand areas of application for the instrument in client organizations.


  • Reinforce technical skills and pattern analysis pertaining to people and positions
  • Instill confidence in interpreting Predictive Index results as they apply to human resources and management strategies
  • Review PI applications including defining jobs, hiring, promoting, team building, conflict management, succession planning, strategic planning, communications, coaching and monitoring
  • Create Action Plan to put PI into use for short-range and long-range objectives

Benefits to certified analysts:

  • Really know yourself and associates
  • Problem solve with PI relative to current needs and objectives
  • Refine technical understanding for more accurate pattern analysis
  • Identify where PI is working well and where it is not and why
  • Clarify Factor analysis
  • Maximize the potential use of PI

Length: 1/2 day

Price: No charge

Prerequisite: Participant has attended the Predictive Index Management Workshop.

Note: Participants will be asked to complete a Pre Class Assessment to identify specific needs.

To schedule a PI Refresher training, please send an email to Kim Paulsen at or send us a message by clicking here.


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