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PI Interviewing - Hiring Tools, Knowledge & Techniques


Through lecture, hands-on activities, discussion and practice, leaders will develop and enhance their interviewing skills to make more objective and effective hiring decisions that meet business needs and align people’s talents to job requirements.

Benefits to you:

By developing and enhancing interviewing skills, you will:

  • Increase your confidence in conducting interviews that are compliant with EEOC
  • Free up time to lead people
  • Positively impact employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention
  • Contribute to the reduction of costs related to poor hiring decisions 


  • This workshop provides you with the following opportunities and tools for hire decisions:
  • Learn and practice ways to know what the job requires so that you can more effectively advertise, select applicants, interview and hire for the right fit.
  • Discuss and practice how to assess applicant resumes and PI’s so that you can more effectively screen applicants and prepare for the interview process.
  • Gain knowledge & tools for hire-related tasks related to of legal, behavioral and job-related interview questions. You will learn and practice how to prepare and ask these questions so that your time spent in the interview process is compliant with EEOC and provides you with productive information to base a hiring decision.
  • Understand how to better prepare yourself and the environment to maximize effectiveness of the interview.
  • Learn ways to objectively assess candidates after interview to make the best hiring decision for the company and for the employee. 

Prerequisite: Current client of Predictive Index.

Length: 1 day

To schedule a training on PI Interviewing, please send an email to Kim Paulsen at or send us a message by clicking here.

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