Behavioral Assessment Testing for Managers

E-Learning Courses

Whether you are looking to increase awareness of behavioral assessments or strengthen Predictive Index® (PI®) knowledge and applications for your trained Users/Practitioners, The Predictive Index®'s online courses are the solution.

These e-learning courses are designed to increase PI Users/Practitioners' skills and deepen their PI knowledge by sharing the history and effective use of behavioral science in business and reinforcing the skills learned in the PI Management Workshop™. Each 30-minute session provides the learners with powerful content, interactive practice, and comprehensive information to increase their ability to apply PI to their everyday workplace practices. Delivered through the online The Predictive Index® E-learning Center, access to these e-learning courses is fast and convenient. The Knowledge Check at the end of each course allows learners and their managers to test their knowledge and monitor their results.

E-Learning Brochure

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