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What is The Predictive Index®?

The PI® Methodology: A Powerful Combination of Education, Consulting & Assessment

Leverage PI® as a Management Tool

The Predictive Index® assessment gives your team a common language.  It offers a new understanding of what makes people work and gives you valuable insights about how to motivate performance. It helps you hire and retain talented people while enabling you to build on the strengths of your current employees.

Pave the Way for Success

Your employees will learn how to take ownership of their growth. Your organization will benefit from effective, productive people who achieve personal success while understanding how their contributions impact growth and profitability.

Put The Predictive Index® to Work for You

PI® is designed differently than many behavioral assessments, such as Myers Briggs tests. It's intended for use by managers in the workplace. It’s quick, easy to administer and provides results within a few minutes. But to produce the greatest impact, it takes a little training...

    Require, hire, and inspire with The Predictive Index.

In The PI Management Workshop our experienced consultants will show you and your management team how to use The Predictive Index®, how to interpret the results and how to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll quickly become skilled with all of the key elements – and you’ll gain insight into the many ways you can leverage The Predictive Index® to improve the performance of your business. You’ll quickly see that the Predictive Index® offers much more than other career-oriented personality surveys.

Benefit From PI Midwest's Experience

While our ultimate goal at PI Midwest is for you to be fully self-sufficient, our Consultants and Applications Specialists are happy to assist whenever you need guidance. From in-depth interpretation of PI® Behavioral Assessment results, to consulting on a wide range of management-related challenges, expert help is only a call or click away.

Trust a "Simple" Checklist

At first glance, it appears to be a simple adjective checklist or personality inventory. For all of its apparent simplicity, The PI® Behavioral Assessment is a sophisticated instrument that’s been scientifically validated many times over as a reliable predictor of work-related behavior.

Determine Who's the Best Fit for the Job

Before you match a person to a job you must determine what the job requires. That’s where our Job Assessment Worksheet comes in. This tool functions as a roadmap for the positions in your organization by identifying the behaviors that drive superior performance.

The Job Assessment, Behavioral Assessment, and Learning Indicator work together. They highlight both fits and gaps so you can make informed decisions in the areas of selection, coaching, performance management and succession planning. The elements of The Predictive Index
® effectively close the loop between employees and organizational roles.

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