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The Predictive Index Methodology: More than Just assessments

The PI Methodology.
A Powerful Combination of Education, Consulting and Assessment.

As a Management Tool

The Predictive Index® assessments give your team a common language.  It offers a new understanding of what makes people work, and helps you learn how to motivate them to work better. It helps you hire and retain talented people who are crucial to the success of your company. And it helps you build new leaders.

Clearing the Way for Success, and Inviting Long-term Loyalty

Your employees will benefit from learning how they can take ownership of their growth within the organization. Your organization will benefit from effective, productive people who are achieving personal success, with a better understanding of their own contribution to the company’s growth and profitability.



Putting the The Predictive Index® to Work in Your Workplace

PI® is designed differently than many personality tests for careers, such as Myers Briggs tests. PI® is intended to be used in the workplace by your managers. It’s quick and easy to administer, and gives you results in a few minutes. But to get the most benefit from this specialized knowledge, it takes a little training.

In the PI Management Workshop, our experienced consultants will show you and your management team how to use the Predictive Index®, how to interpret the results and how to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll quickly become skilled at working with all the elements of the Predictive Index® – and you’ll gain insight into the many ways you can use these versatile tools to improve the performance of your business. You’ll soon discover that the Predictive Index® offers much more than other simple personality tests for careers.

We’ll Give You All the Guidance You Need

While our goal is for you to be as self-sufficient as possible, our PI® consultants are always ready and happy to offer advice and assistance, whenever you may need it. From in-depth interpretation of Behavioral Assessment Results results, to consulting on a wide range of general management issues, expert help is available by phone, fax, email and in person.

It All Starts With a Simple Checklist

At first glance, it appears to be a simple adjective checklist or personality test. For all its apparent simplicity, however, The PI Behavioral Assessment is a sophisticated instrument that’s been scientifically confirmed to have an extremely high degree of validity, and to be a reliable predictor of work-related behavior. As anyone who has completed PI® will tell you, the results are uncannily accurate, setting it apart from other personality tests for careers.

The PRO. How Do You Know Who You’re Looking For?

Before you match a person to a job, you have to know what the job requires. That’s where the PRO (Performance Requirement Options) worksheet comes in. The PRO gives you a road map for the various positions in your organization, providing insight into the behaviors and drives necessary for superior performance.

The Job Assessment, Behavioral Assessment, and Learning Indicator work together. You can compare an individual’s PI® results with the needs of the job, highlighting both fits and gaps to make better-informed selection, coaching, performance management and leadership decisions. The PRO is just one of the many reasons businesses are choosing the Predictive Index® over Myers Briggs tests, Big Five tests, and other personality tests for careers.

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