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“I am an absolute believer in using PI® and since its implementation we are doing much better at attracting the type of employees we need and turnover has pretty much dropped like a rock. So, the program is doing what we had hoped it would.”Univair Aircraft Corporation



Mike Sellers, Marketing and Sales Manager
Univair Aircraft Corp

Lady Volunteers“What we try to do with Predictive Index® is to figure out how best to dial people up mentally, on a consistent basis. We determine what really inspires our players individually, so that in a big game when they need to play a crucial role for us, they are brimming with the belief that they can do it.”

Pat Summitt, Head Coach
Tennessee Lady Vols

“We use The Predictive Index Methodology internationally and across the range of applications – recruitment, selection, development, team building and successioAmstarn planning. The Predictive Index® is a competitive advantage for us.  It has created a common language for understanding different skills and styles at every level of the organization.  Communication has improved both internally and externally. In essence, any people management initiative that we have, PI® plays a role.”

Gabe Finke, General Partner and CEO

Zaiss & Co

The Predictive Index® System is uncanny! It gave me new insight into people with whom I had worked for years. It helped me evolve to a more reinforcing style of management, and therefore, my staff was more productive. They were happier, too. They said, “Why didn’t we get that Predictive Index® System a long time ago?”

Tracy Zaiss
Zaiss & Company

Hospice of the Red River ValleyRelative to the workplace, The Predictive Index® is the most holistic tool I have ever seen or used.  It presents both the yin and the yang, offering insights not only into personality differences, but into the expression, behavior and motivation of an individual.  It is all well and good assess our personalities, but this tools teaches us to actually work successfully with those differences.  PI® is answering long-standing questions of "why" and opening doors to "how"

Susan Fuglie, Executive Director
Hospice of the Red River Valley

Buick“The ability to hire, train and motivate people are the keys to success in building a business. Predictive Index® identifies good people and helps achieve the productivity that others only wish for. Our dealership profits have soared.”

Bill Rodgers
Bill Rodgers Buick

“The Predictive Index® is the single most valuable tool I’ve ever utilized for management and recruiting.”Ron Marhofer Auto family

Ron Marhofer
Ron Marhofer Auto Family
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